Successes in 2016


Being a teacher can be, in itself, a very rewarding job, but our job here at Leaders Edu is probably even greater than that. Every year, we are blessed with the opportunity to help children who are determined and motivated to work hard and achieve their dream of passing the entrance exam to their desired schools.

This year our students’ results have been outstanding – again – and we congratulate them all. For privacy purposes, I will not mention their names, but they know who they are. The schools they have won places to are exceptional – Well done, guys!

Winchester College (13+) – Academic Scholarship (Election)

Charterhouse (13+) – Academic Scholarship

Eton College (13+) – Music Scholarship

Harrow (13+) – Academic Scholarship

Wycombe Abbey (12+)

Wycombe Abbey (11+)

Cheltenham Ladies College (11+)

Downe House (12+)

to name but a few ….

Many congratulations, guys – we are all so very proud of you!


Sharon Kim, Principal (Leaders Edu)



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